Case Studies

Wisdom Tree helps a global cybersecurity education company enter Singapore through a polytechnic partnership


Develop a strong value proposition, deep market research and go-to-market strategy for the cybersecurity solutions service in the Asian market.

Type of company:

Global education company specializing in training and offering cybersecurity solutions.

Go-to-market challenge:

  • No prior experience in the Singapore market.
  • Weak value proposition and go-to-market (GTM) strategy for Singapore.
  • Lacked sufficient market research to validate its key assumptions.
  • No prior established local partnerships for support.

Go-to-market results:

  • Deeper understanding of market-place dynamics and unmet learner needs in cybersecurity space in Singapore.
  • Worked with the government associations to identify possible partners, their current programs, the gaps in present programs in terms of contextual learning, case studies and job outcome-based programs.
  • We provided a detailed market research report which included market analysis, persona identification and value proposition based on the analysis we built.
  • Identified a strong partner, a Singapore based polytechnic, to help strengthen their cybersecurity program.
  • We worked on building the new program structure focusing on job-based curriculum and a simple delivery model.
  • We helped in successfully launching the program and receive a government funding which enabled skilling learners, both under and above the age of 45, in cybersecurity.
  • Integrated labs to their learning management system (LMS) for hands-on-learning experience with a job focused curriculum.

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