Case Studies

Wisdom Tree facilitated seamless cross border articulation between an American university and a leading Singapore-based educational technology company


Make it easy for students to get credits and top-up pathway degrees in Information Technology from USA.

Type of company:

A large digital transformation company in the Asia pacific region and one of the largest online degree providers in USA.

Go-to-market challenge:

  • The digital transformation company did not want students to repeat subjects.
  • Students wanted degrees beyond their own programs.
  • Students desired to have access to higher quality courses and programs from USA.

Go-to-market results:

  • We have launched the first batch of students for November 2022 cohort.
  • For bachelors, we have been able to get exemption for 20 courses out of 47 in an Information Technology program.
  • For masters, we have been able to do a credit transfer of 22.5 for a 45 credit Information Technology Program.

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