Case Studies

Wisdom Tree helps a San Francisco based technology school, enter India, to offer contextual learning to Indian students: Developed a strong value proposition, go-to-market (GTM) strategy and strategic partnerships for success in India.


Required a go-to-market strategy to open their white label schools, recently launched SaaS product and tools catalogues in Indian market.

Type of company:

A network of 30+ software engineering schools.

Go-to-market challenge:

  • Start from scratch to make a business plan.
  • Determine value proposition for the SaaS product.
  • Product positioning was challenging due to excessive competition in technology space.
  • Introducing a pedagogy to the Indian market, which was contradicting the traditional learning methodology.

Go-to-market results:

  • Created new products like the “experience labs” for business-to-business segments.
  • Created a strong business-to-business pipeline of 20+ companies focusing in India and Singapore.
  • Signed 3 memoranda of understanding (MOU) with companies to run pilots.
  • Strategic alliance with one of the largest universities in India, under their technology division, to launch a unique program in software engineering.

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