Strategic Shifts in Technology Education-The Present and The Future

In this edition of our continuing series ‘Meaningful Conversations’, the focus was on getting the community together to discuss and brainstorm on the "Strategic Shifts in Technology Education- Present and Future ". We at Wisdom Tree curate discussions around what is happening across the globe in terms of innovation and bring to you best practices implemented by global leaders.

The discussion featured industry and academia viewpoints as our panelists were Mr. Tan Moorthy, Executive Vice President at Infosys, Head - US Delivery Operations and Global Head Education, Training & Assessments, Mr. Julien Barbier, Co-founder & CEO, Holberton School, Mr. Jake Cohen, Senior Associate Dean, Undergraduate and Master's Program at MIT Sloan School of Management and Ms. Michellana Jester, Faculty, MIT Sloan School of Management.

Some of the interesting convergent trends and views that were arrived post the brainstorming included the following:

  • How can non-STEM (science technology engineering mathematics) students or community program students can benefit from micro credentialing and can mainstream successful technology careers?
  • These skills adoption is not only via formal education set-ups like universities but also through apprenticeships, bootcamps or continuous learning programs by organisations like Infosys or labs with MIT and Holberton, that are also yielding great results.
  • Technology curiosity is playing a crucial role for getting people job-ready as this curiosity is being used by individuals, institutions and organisations as a critical driver.
  • With innovation being global now and technology changes happening at a faster pace, we are seeing an uptick on the demand side.

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