Thought Leadership

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At Wisdom Tree, thought leadership is about connecting with business leaders, corporate professionals, educational technology companies, start-ups, universities, and students around the world to engage in deep-rooted, subject-matter-related discussions.

Our expertise lies in the collective knowledge and expertise our founders, board of directors, and partners have gained over the years by extensive involvement in their fields of work.

Why is this important?

Encourages collaboration & communication

Creates knowledge experts

Provides networking opportunities with peers, academic and industry professionals

Offers cost-effective learning

Sparks innovation and process improvement

Meaningful Conversations

Meaningful Conversations is a leadership forum that brings together business and thought leaders to discuss contemporary topics related to education, learning and practical experience. This is a series of exclusive, invite-only events in industry verticals such as education and SaaS. These networking events offer participants a sponsor-free environment to discuss the real-world challenges and opportunities impacting businesses today.

Our events indulge in dialogue among top academic and corporate professionals on topics and issues ranging from business education, finance, pathways, masterclasses, technology education, future of skills and much more.

The geographic data of past events showed participation from India, the USA, the UK, Russia, Germany, Singapore, etc.


Executive Series

Today, finance has a mandate to go beyond its core accounting role. It is transforming drastically in 2022 due to globalization, geopolitics, consumer empowerment and technology. Advancements in these key areas are changing the skills of finance professionals. However, there are too many organisations in India and around the world, that are struggling to keep up with this changing pace, constantly having to react rather than lead with technological innovation. This made us realize the importance of building a strong finance community comprising of top finance corporations, executives, investment bankers, chartered financial analysts, certified public accountants, certified management accountants and others, in India. This eventually inspired us to launch the CXO (includes C-Suite executives like Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Information Officer) Series.

This is a series of exclusive invite-only fireside chats. The aim of this event is to have discussions on contemporary topics impacting finance and accounting globally.

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